Creating Your Signature and Initial Stamp


There are two ways to create your personal signature and initials: You can create them as you go through your first signing session, or, pre-emptively in the 'Settings' section. Most will choose the latter option but know that a signature and initial stamp created during your first signing session will automatically be saved to your Profile.

To create a net new signature & initial stamp, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Click on Add/Create Signatures & Initials2019-08-20_11-29-03.png
  3. Select either the Draw or Type method:2019-08-20_11-32-21.png
    1. Draw can be completed via mouse, trackpad or touch
    2. Type can be completed via keyboard
  4. Draw or type your initials and signature
    1. If typing, you can also specify different font styles
  5. Read and check off the consent box 
  6. Save your stamp by clicking Create2019-08-20_11-33-14.png
  7. Your signature stamp will be used in future signing sessions
  8. Your signature tags with unique hashtags and date will be visible on the Settings page


To edit an existing signature & initial stamp, follow the steps below. Please note that your edited signature and initial will be applied on new signing sessions moving forward, it will not retroactively update previously signed documents.  


  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Click on Edit under Signatures & Initials
  3. Repeat steps #3-8 from above
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