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The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

Remine Docs has your standardized clauses at your fingertips so that you can easily include them in your documents You can also upload your own clauses into this section and keep them organized using folders and sub-folders. Any and all clauses in your Clause Library can be added to your documents with just a couple of clicks. 

Get to know the Clause Library:  


  1. Click 'Clause Library' in the left side menu. 
  2. Your brokerage and/or board's standard clauses are all organized in read-only folders.In order to maintain the integrity of these clauses, the contents of this folder cannot be edited, hence the 'Read Only' permissions. 
  3. You canupload your own clauses(called 'Custom Clauses') into Remine Docs by clicking the 'Clause' button near the top of the page. 

Adding and organizing your own Clauses: 

Adding your own clauses is easy: after clicking the 'Clause' button, you can give your clause a title (you'll be using this to pull it up later for inclusion in your documents), paste your clause into the 'Clause Content' field and click 'Save'. You can add as many custom clauses as you want! 



You can also create as many folders for your clauses as you want. This will be particularly useful if you're looking to save time by creating 'Clause Kits', allowing you to add several clauses to a document all at once. 

To create a new folder, simply click the 'Folder' icon near the top of the page. There's no limit to the number of folders and sub-folders you can create, as long as it's not within any of the read-only sections. 

Clause Kits: 

Clause Kits can save you a lot of time. If you generally use the same handful of clauses (depending on the type of deal) then you can group these clauses together so that they can be added to your documents in just a couple of clicks. 

In this example, let's say that I use the same five clauses when I'm submitting an offer on a freehold. I can create a new folder in my Clause Library and call it 'Clause Kit: Buyer - Freehold': 


Then I can make copies of the applicable standard board and brokerage clauses that I'd like to include in this folder: 


When I'm done, my 'Clause Kit' folder will look something like this: 



Later, when I'm filling in a purchase agreement, rather than adding these clauses one-by-one, I can add them all at once: 


Again, you can create as many different folders and 'Clause Kits' for as many different situations as you wish! Hopefully, this gives you some ideas of how to customize your Remine Docs account to save you time. 


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