How Do I Send Mailers Using Remine?


After you have added properties to a Cart, you can generate mailers directly from the Carts page. Through our integration with PCM Digital, addresses are scrubbed to limit the number of returned mailers. 

*Please note, Rocket Print & Mail has been rebranded as PCM Digital. The functionality and process of sending mailers is exactly the same. 

Steps to Create Mailers

  1. On the Carts page open the Cart for which you would like to send mailers.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the opportunities to whom you want to send mailers.
  3. When your list is ready, click the Send Mailers button at the top of the Carts page. 
  4. Type a name for the campaign and click Continue to PCM Digital.
    • Once inside PCM Digital follow the steps below to complete your mailing.
  5. In the Get Started Now section, select the type of product you want and click Choose a Design.


  6. Search and select your desired design and click Personalize Now.

  7. Select the preferred address (Mailing or Property), choose a color scheme, and personalize your content. Click Next. 


  8. After you've finished customizing your mailers, you'll have the option to change the list of recipients. By default, the recipients will be the tracked opportunities you selected in step 2. Click Next.

  9. Make any final changes to your recipients and add a seed address. The seed address allows you to include yourself as a recipient to ensure the mailings arrive on time and as expected.

    • Make Changes to My Recipients. Click this link to launch a window where you can make manual changes to the details of each recipient.
    • Change Label. Click this link to return to the list of uploaded labels in step 8. On this page, you can select a different list of recipients from past uploads.

      After the system scrubs the addresses to ensure the campaign includes the most accurate data, your campaign summary appears.

  10. View and approve your proof to continue. The Add To Cart button remains disabled until you have viewed and approved your proof.

    • Check your design proof. Click View My Proof to see a mockup of your mailer. You are responsible for the content of your mailers, so carefully look over your mailer to ensure everything is correct.
    • Approve the final design. When you're satisfied with the design and content of your mailer, select the Design is approved checkbox.
      Click Add To Cart.

  11. Review your order, and click Checkout. Follow the rest of the flow to enter your payment method and start the campaign. SendMailers9.png

For more information and additional support, please chat in through the PCM Digital storefront within Remine. 

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