What Is a Property Address vs. the Mailing Address?


When you download a CSV report, there are two address columns: property address and mailing address. Depending on your needs, you'll need to know the difference between the two.

Property Address
The Property Address occupies the first four data columns in the report (columns A-D). The Property Address represents the physical address for each property contained in the report. 
Mailing Address
The Mailing Address columns are next (columns G-J). The Mailing Address represents the primary address of each absentee owner in the report. 

When to use the Property Address vs. the Mailing Address

Let's say you downloaded a CSV from Remine that contains properties that you want to include in a targeted mailing campaign. Your CSV includes both owner-occupied and absentee-owned properties. In this instance, you can send the owner-occupied properties a tailored message about finding a more suitable home for their needs, and the absentee-owned properties may benefit from possibly having their rental property taken off of their hands. It's very important to understand which address is the most appropriate to use for each case to ensure your message is received by the correct recipients.

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