Join a Live Open House as an Agent


As an Agent in Remine, you can join any scheduled Live Open House event. Live Open House events can be joined either from the desktop application or the Remine Mobile App. 

  1. In Search activate the Live Open House Only filter under Status


  2. On the right-hand panel, you will see properties that have a Live Open House scheduled, along with details of the Open House

  3. Click on the property card to open the Property Details Page

  4. Within the Property Details page, you'll see the scheduled Open House in Listing Details

  5. At the time of the event, click Open House Link to launch the live stream in a new tab


Joining from the Mobile App

  1. On the Search map in the Remine Mobile App, click the Open Live filter


    You can also view these properties in the List view

  2. Click one of the property cards to open and view property details

  3. Within the Property Details page on Mobile, click the Watch button to launch the live stream

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