How To Record and Share A Remine Live Open House


This article is specific to starting, recording, and sharing your Remine Live Open House. Learn more about creating a Remine Live Open House in our knowledge base article Add a Remine Live Open House.

Launching and Recording

Note: Remine Live is available at the Pro subscription level. If you are not a Pro subscriber to Remine, see Add a Live Open House article for information on scheduling a virtual Live Open House.

  1. You must be in the Remine Mobile App, signed in as an Agent to start your Remine Live Open House.
  2. Your upcoming Remine Live Open House sessions will display in Daily under My Remine Live. You may need to swipe the screen down to refresh the page if you recently scheduled the Remine Live Open House.

  3. In the Scheduled tab, click on the three dots next to the scheduled Remine Live and then Start Remine Live.


  4. Once the recording screen opens, click Start Remine Live at the bottom of the screen. It will then ask if you would like the video to be recorded to share later. To record the Remine Live Open House, click Yes.


  5.  To end the Remine Live Open House, click the box at the bottom center of your screen, then click the back button at the top left corner of the screen.


Sharing A Past Remine Live Open House

You can access previously recorded Remine Live Open House sessions in the Daily tab, under My Remine Live. From here, you can share those recordings with clients who are interested in the property. 

  1. In the My Remine Live card on Daily, click the Past tab to view your previously recorded Remine Live Open Houses. 


  2. Click the three dots next to the property of interest, this will produce a few options for you: 


    • Watch Recording - Recordings are stored for 30 Days in the application. After the 30 Day period, the recording will be automatically removed and no longer viewable. 
    • See Viewers - View any Agents or Consumers who have viewed the recorded Remine Live Open House. 
    •  Publish - Published Remine Live Open Houses will display within the Property Details Page  for Agents and Consumers on desktop and the Remine Mobile App. 
    • Delete Recording - Once a recording is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
    • Copy Link - Allows you to share the link with Consumers on your site. If the recording is published, the page will display that recording. If it was not recorded, the page will show the listing information. 


How to Record & Share A remine Live Open House Video: 


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