How To Create a Client Hosted Live Open House


When creating a Live Open House and enabling Remine Live, you will have the ability to assign a contact as the "Client Host" for the live showing. This option provides the flexibility for your client to broadcast the open house if you are unable to show the home.

Step 1: Agent Creates a Remine Live Open House

1. To get started, you will need to create a Live Open House via Daily or the Property Details page. As soon as you switch on the Remine Live toggle, a Client Host option will appear.


2. In the Client Host field, you can search for an existing contact or create a new one. You can edit the open house at any time if you wish to become the host again.


Step 2: Client Receives Email Confirmation

Once a client host is assigned, they will receive an email confirmation with instructions to download the Remine Mobile app and how to broadcast the Remine Live event. Remine Live stream is only available from the Remine Mobile app.

If they have not registered on Remine yet, we will automatically associate them with the listing agent who granted them access to live stream the listing.


 Step 3: Client Hosts Live Open House from Mobile App

1. Once the client has the mobile app and is signed in, they will see a banner alerting them of the Live open house 24 hours before it starts.

2. In the hour leading up to the open house, they will see a banner that allows them to test the live stream.

3. Five minutes before the scheduled time, they will also receive a reminder push notification. The client can click the banner at the top of the app to start live streaming!


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