Live Open House FAQs


Why don't I see the option to add a Live Open House?
There are a few reasons you may not be seeing the option to add a Live Open House: 

  1. Live Open House and Remine Live Open House are offered at the Pro subscription level. You can read more about the features included in Remine Pro in Subscription Plans.
  2. You will need to be either the Listing Agent or Co-Listing agent on the property to view the option to add a Live Open House
  3. This feature is available for the following MLS statuses: Coming Soon, Active, Active Under Contract

Can I schedule an open house for a property that is not my listing? 
No, you will need to be either the Listing Agent or Co-Listing Agent on a property in order to schedule a Live Open House. 

What's the difference between Live Open House and Remine Live Open House? 
The Remine Live Open House feature is specifically designed for your clients to view the stream through your Remine Agent website. The Live Open House feature will allow you to enter a pre-existing URL, like a Zoom link, for your scheduled virtual open house. For more information check out our articles Add a Live Open House and Add a Remine Live Open House.

Can I do a dry run before my Live Open House? 
Yes! If you have opted to do a Remine Live Open House, you can start that stream before the scheduled open house and invite a friend to view the broadcast. 

How do I start my Remine Live Open House? 
You will want to be sure that you have already downloaded the Remine Mobile App prior to your stream. Once you have downloaded and signed into the Mobile App, you'll just click the address from the My Remine Live section of the app to open the stream. From there, click Start Remine Live. For more information, check out our article Starting Your Remine Live Open House.

Do you record the stream so that I can view it later?  
At this time we do not store recorded open house streams for playback. 


For more information on the Live Open House feature, or for detailed instructions on how to use the feature, visit the Live Open House section of our Help Center


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