What Is Included in the Property Details Page?


The Property Details page displays the available public record data (henceforth, referred to as PRD) about a single property. When a property is selected from the search map the property details page will now slide out from the left hand side, instead of opening in a new tab. In addition to some newly added features on this page, there is the option to view data, cart the property, buy contact information and add it to your Contacts page.

At the top of the Property Details page, you will see the options to add to cart, share, print, create a CMA 360, and Schedule a Tour (if this is offered by your MLS and enabled). To learn how to interact with the property details, please view the Interact with Property Details FAQs.


Property photos can now include videos and virtual tours embedded into them for viewing. The 'actions' throughout the detail information have remained the same and you now also have the option to collapse certain information while scrolling so it does not continue to populate when looking at detail pages.

Property history is now shown within the details pop out page. When clicking on the prior listings, you can see information, photos, etc. that have been associated with this property's prior listings.

The valuation section now includes additional sources, including Zestimate and Zesimate Rental.


You'll also notice there is now AirDNA data available within the details page. This will give a revenue estimate of what the property could potentially generate as a vacation rental. You have the option to click on 'learn more' to be taken to the AirDNA page for further information, including reporting. 


Under 'Owners and Associated People', you are able to view the contact information within the details page, as well as add this to your contacts. 


Note: The information found on the Property Details page is largely comprised of data from the county and municipality (if applicable), apart from Net Equity and Flood Zone.

Property Details Page Headers

Public Record

Parcel: Will display the lot dimensions for the property 

Flood Risk: The flood zone as derived directly from the latest digital FEMA flood map available for the area.

Location: Explore the area surrounding the subject property

Street View: Check out the property using the Google Map Street View

Key Stats We determine whether the owner is absentee or if the property is owner-occupied in this section relative to public records, as well as, the APN/PIN/PID.
Building Features Features such as square footage, bed and bath county can be found in this section.
Structure Features such as the number of stories, the roof type and more can be found in this section.
Parking If the property has a garage we display it here along with how many spaces are available.
Lot The land-use type, the lot acreage, the lot square footage, and zoning data are found here.
Utilities The information available on heating, air conditioning, and sewer type are found here.
Net Equity The net equity by subtracting the estimated loan balance from the First American valuation.
Active Mortgage The current mortgage's original loan amount, type, and the lender is public record.
HOA First American (FA) provides information about HOA liens against properties and FA cross-references those liens with neighborhood boundaries to determine whether a property falls within the jurisdiction of an HOA, as well as, HOA dues.
Average Valuation We determine our Average Valuation based on valuations from First American, Black Knight, and Redfin. They all use their proprietary AVMs to calculate property value. 
Adding Valuation As an agent, you know better than any automated valuation model (AVM) what a property is worth. So after you've walked through a property and determined your own estimated value, you can add your valuation to the property on the Property Details page. When you add your valuation, it's calculated into the average valuation for the property.
Top Schools Closest to Property We display the nearest schools to the property based on the school data Niche provides. This data takes into account open enrollment states, which is why sometimes the list of schools may be longer than expected.
Education Percentage of the neighborhood that pursued a college education and above.
Have Children Percentage of the neighborhood families that have children. 
Average Household The number of years people in this neighborhood tend to live in the home.
Average Income The average income of the neighborhood.
Average Age The average age 
Property History
Property Within this section, you will see data such as deeds and listing information.
Mortgage If the county provides this data, we include all available historical mortgage information for the selected property.
Tax Total tax history for this property broken down by year is displayed in a table here.
Assessments The totals and respective assessments for land and improvement are found here broken down by assessment year for this property. 
Associated People

Owners of the property are displayed here and signified by an owner tag. You'll also see their Sell Score and available contact information for a purchase. 

Note: Contact information is available for free on the Pro plan.

Others Associated to Property People associated with this property are displayed here along with their Sell Score and available contact information.

Note: Contact information is available for free on the Pro plan.


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