How Do I Purchase Deeds and Plats?


How to Purchase a Deed

Having specific details on a property transfer can assist in understanding the full picture of the property history. You can purchase Deeds directly from the Property Details page in Remine. 

Note: If a Deed is available, you will see it in the Property History section of the Property Details page. 

1. Within the Property Details Page, scroll down to Property History.

2. In the Property tab, you have the option to purchase individual deeds. You can also purchase all deeds for a property by clicking "Buy Deeds" in the blue banner. 

  • Deeds can be purchased with credits (historically used for Contact information) at a rate of $7/deed.




How to Purchase a Plat

A Plat Map provides information on the division of land in a given area.

1. In the Property Details Page, scroll to the Public Record section. 

2. If a Plat is available, you will see the Buy Plat option to purchase the plat map.

  • Plats can be purchased with credits (historically used for Contact information)  at a rate of $1/plat.



Plat Example:


  • Once a Deed/Plat is purchased it will allow for an automatic download and open in a new tab.

  • When a Deed/Plat download is complete you will be able to go back and re-download the file in the future, if needed. 
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