Getting Started IX: Using Test Contacts


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.


Now that we’ve shown you the main features that Remine Docs has to offer it’s time to take it for a test drive! To check out a video version of this part of the guide, click here.

Using ‘Test Contacts’ 

The best way to test out and get a feel for Remine Docs’ many features is to create one or two ‘dummy’ Transaction files and actually send documents to yourself for signing. For this reason, Remine Docs has ‘Test Contacts’: placeholders for real buyers, sellers, and cooperating agents. Any documents sent to a ‘Test Contact’ will automatically be rerouted to your inbox so that you can see what the other party experiences! 


Using Test Contacts is pretty simple: 

  • Open the 'People' view
  • To add a 'test buyer', begin typing 'buyer' in the buyer field
  • To add a 'test seller', begin typing 'seller' in the seller field
  • To add a test cooperating agent, begin typing either 'listing' in the listing agent field, or 'buying' in the buying agent field (depending on which side you're representing, your name will show in the corresponding field)
  • The document will populate with contact information. 
  • When you send the document to that specific Test Contact, you will receive and view the document as that recipient.   

Sending Documents for Signing 

When you’re ready, create a “dummy” Transaction file and add a form or two. It’s up to you how detailed you’d like to be: feel free to fill in as many or as few fields as you want, you’re just getting a feel for how easy it is to send documents through Remine Docs, and what it’s like to receive and sign them. 

When you’ve got a form filled out to your liking, send it to your Test Contact: 

  • Click Send in the upper right 
  • Select the form that you want to send for signing 
  • Review any alerts from missing or incomplete data and click Continue 
  • Select your Test Contact by clicking the check-box next to it 
  • Review the subject line and optional message that you want to appear in the email that will be sent with the document attached to it 
  • Click Send in the top right corner 

Now, check your email. The email sent to you is the same as what the real-life recipient would see: 


Click Open to view the document as if you were the ‘Test’ recipient. 

Pro tip: Consider right-clicking the ‘Open’ link to open it in a private/incognito window so you can stay logged into DealTap in the browser window you’re already using. 

Your recipient (you in this test) can view the documents that you’ve shared with them, make edits to any field (this will be particularly useful for, say, a listing agent countering your offer) and add their signatures by clicking ‘Sign’ in the top right corner. 


As you’ll see, there are also options to export or print the document prior to signing, as well as the ability to review the version history. Once the ‘Test Contact’ has completed signing, they’ll receive an email confirming that they’ve signed and a copy of the signed document(s) will be attached. 

If you’ve sent a form to a cooperating agent, he or she can collaborate on the document in real time by making edits to any field. The document history will store a complete log of every change made and the appropriate initials/signatures will need to be reapplied. 

Once the cooperating party has made their changes, all they have to do is send it back to you! 

At this point, we encourage you to continue exploring Remine Docs by using our ‘Test Contacts’ and what we’ve covered in this Getting Started series to run through some more "mock" transactions and deals! If you need any help along the way, just click ‘Support’ in the bottom left corner. 

All the best! 

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