Getting Started VIII: Submissions


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.


Remine Docs+ connects you with your broker and admin in a few ways: what we'll cover here is how to submit your Transaction documents to your back office directly through Docs+. 

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Once your Transaction documents are complete, you can submit them to your office admin or broker by following these steps:

  • change the status drop-down for each document to 'Completed' (you can include your completed Checklist as well)
  • select the documents to be submitted by checking the boxes to the left of each
  • click 'Submit' at the top of the page:


From there, choose to either 'Create a new Submission' or add the selected documents to an existing batch of submitted files.

Once you've submitted your documents to your office, they'll appear in a Submission folder (the name is brought over from your original Transaction folder) in your 'Submissions' page. It will show on your admin's 'Submissions' page as well. At this point, the Submission folder and its contents are accessible to your admin. Your broker/admin can review the documents his/herself, or assign them to another office admin for review. These updates will show for you in your 'Submissions' page:


Submission statuses are updated from the admin's end. The different statuses are 'Submitted', 'Admin Review', 'Needs Attention', 'Approved', 'Terminated' and 'Closed' and it's up to your admin and your team to decide how you want to use these statuses. Ultimately, they're just labels, and don't change how the app behaves with respect to these folders or documents.

Combined with statuses, the 'Commenting' feature can be used to communicate between you and your broker/admin. Add comments to specific documents or to the Submission as a whole:


Now that we've covered the basics around using Checklists and Submissions, click here to move on to part 8: Using Test Contacts.

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