"MLS Visibility": Linking Docs to Matrix


The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS, LVR and Realcomp members only.

Every document in a Transaction file can be linked with an MLS listing. This can be particularly useful if, for example, you need to make a property survey/floorplan or any other listing-related documentation available to other agents. An important thing to note is that only the listing agent can make documents visible to their own listings. 

From your Transaction folder, click the drop-down menu to the right of a document:


A pop-up will open where you can enter the MLS listing number you want to link the document with:


Note that each document's "visibility" automatically defaults to 'Private', meaning no one can see this document but you (and, of course, anyone whom you've shared it with via Remine Docs+). From here, you can switch the visibility setting to 'Shared' (any other MLS members can access this) or 'Public', meaning anyone with a link to that document can view it (FMLS only).

To un-link the document from an MLS listing, follow the steps above and change the visibility setting back to 'Private'.

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