Document Population to Transactions from MLS Listings


The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS, LVR and Realcomp members only.


If there are documents currently attached to an MLS listing and you make a transaction using that MLS ID, the documents from the listing will automatically show in your newly created transaction. The documents will appear in the transaction as "Copy from Matrix filename":



Should the listing agent adds more documents after the fact, or if you delete any documents after pulling them in, this refresh icon will appear on the transaction folder:


Clicking the refresh button will take you to this modal:


From here, you can decide to net-pull any documents you don't currently have in your transaction. After clicking Continue, the refresh icon will disappear until future deletions/changes are made.
If the listing agent changes a document, and then updates the Matrix visibility, any agent who has a transaction connected via the MLS number will see this icon on the specific document:
Clicking the refresh icon produces a similar pop up as above:
Clicking Continue will not replace/consolidate the versions. This will give you the new version for your records and note it with a number sequence in the file name. From here, you can then decide which one you want to keep in your transaction folder:
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