How to Download (Export) Transaction Folders & Their Contents



Exporting documents in your transaction folder is pretty straightforward. The same is true for exporting whole transaction folders from the 'My Transactions' page in your Remine Docs account - you can download (export) all folders and their contents to your device with just a few clicks:





Select All folders, or click the check box next to the transaction folder name. Click 'Download' one time and sit back - it could take a few minutes depending upon how many files are being exported. Make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off. Transaction folders and their documents will be exported to a .zip file on your device. 

Note: Your device may have a slightly different download experience than the one pictured. Locate the zip folder where you normally access downloads. 

Note: 'Smart forms' in transaction folders will export as PDF files - there is no need to convert beforehand. 




Open the zip file on your device. Notice that the zip file contains the transaction folders named exactly as they appear in Docs. Click the folder to view transaction documents. 


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