How to Download (Export) Documents


Exporting from Remine Docs is pretty straightforward. 

While viewing any one document, you can click Download in the upper right and a PDF copy of the current version will download to your device: 


You can export the contents of an entire transaction folder by clicking the checkboxes next to any documents (or click Select All at the top) and then Download from within a transaction folder: 


Or, from the main transaction folders list page, you can click the drop-down menu to the right of any file and then select 'Download': 


Additionally, if you're attempting to download multiple documents at once, you'll have the option to either save them as a .zip file (where they'll be separated as PDFs within), save them as a single PDF file or turn them into a single PDF in the same transaction folder:



Please note that we do NOT recommend attempting to export all transaction folders at once: depending on the amount of data associated with your export request, Remine Docs will return a network error. 


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