Mark-up PDFs: Text Fields, Strike-Throughs, and Draw Elements on Documents


Click here to read about how to add signatures & initials to PDF documents. 

You can mark up the document using different drawing tools including straight lines for strike-throughs and freehand drawing. 

Strikeout & Draw 


  • To start drawing, click the draw icon on the top toolbar. 
  • From the popup screen, select the desired drawing style. Choose from: Freehand, Straight Line, Rectangle, Ellipse.  
  • You can edit the stroke and fill color opacity and stroke thickness. 

Adding Assignable Text Fields 

Agents with access to Remine Docs and Docs+ have the ability to add empty, fillable text fields to PDF documents and assign that field (or "text box") to a specific person to fill. 


Click here to learn more about text fields on PDF documents. 


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