How to Clone an Existing Document


You may choose to create a copy of an existing document, either to use as a template for other clients/transactions, or for use in the same Transaction file. To create a copy (or “clone”) of an existing document (in its current state): 

  • Find the document in the Transaction file view and click its drop-down menu button on the far right side 
  • Select Copy  
  • The document copy will be created and will display in the same Transaction file 
  • The copy will be distinguishable by the ‘Date Modified’, which will be just a few moments prior. The document name will also start with ‘Copy of’, followed by the name of the document is was cloned from 
  • To move the document to another folder, click the drop-down menu button on the far right of the new document 
  • Select Move 
  • Choose the file’s new destination folder (or create a new one) and click Done. 


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