Assignable Text Fields in PDFs


Agents with access to Remine Docs and Docs+ have the ability to add empty, fillable text fields to PDF documents and assign that field (or "text box") to a specific person to fill.


Adding text to a PDF document is easy:


  • Click the 'Textbox' button in the mark-up toolbar
  • Select yourself (in the above screenshot, I am 'Reminer S')
  • Place the textbox anywhere you want and begin typing. You can adjust the dimensions of the box itself by dragging-and-dropping the blue points on either side of the text box:



"That's all fine and good for ME to add text, but how do my clients do it?"

Great question. To add a text field that your client or the cooperating agent can fill in themselves:

  • Click the 'Textbox' button in the mark-up toolbar
  • Select the person who you'd like to be able to fill in the text box (in this case, Sally S is the client):


  • Place the textbox wherever the client should be able to add text themselves
  • When the document is shared with this person, the text field will be clearly marked for them and they'll be able to place their cursor in the box and begin typing:


  • Once done typing, all that is needed to save the text is to click anywhere outside of the box. To edit what they've entered, all they need to do is click in the box again!
  • Once your client is finished filling in text and/or signing, clicking 'Done' in the top right will save their updates to the PDF and you will see this reflected on your end
  • Once a cooperating agent is finished editing the doc, they'll need to send it back to you in order for the updates to be reflected on your end. More info on this here.
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