Splitting and Rotating Documents



Multi-page PDF documents can be split up into entirely separate documents, and any/all pages can be rotated. 


To rotate one or all pages of a PDF, open (view) the document and click ‘Rotate’ in the top tool-bar. 

To split a multi-page PDF into multiple documents, open (view) the document and click ‘Split’ in the top toolbar. You’ll need to define how you want the document split: 

  • For pages that are to be conjoined, connect with a hyphen 
  • Pages that are to be separated on their own, separate with a comma 
  • For example, if I had a 7-page document where I needed pages separated into three portions: pages 1-3, page 4 and pages 5-7, then the input would look like: 1-3,4,5-7 



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