Add or Update Brokerage Logos on Forms


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

Remine users with 'admin' level permissions, such as Office Managers and Head Brokers, can easily add or update their brokerage logo to official forms.

First things firstbe sure you are viewing the core Remine app, not Docs+. Then, go to the 'Settings' section. 



Scroll down to your 'Office Settings' and upload your logo: 

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 2.04.55 PM.png                                                                        Screen_Shot_2021-02-02_at_15.11.26.png


Once added, any state or association forms created in your agents' accounts going forward will have your brokerage logo added to your smart forms.

Important to bear in mind: the new logo will not appear on forms created before your update.



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