The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

Docs+ users with admin-level permissions (brokers, brokerage admins, MLS admins, etc.) have the ability to send announcements to users 
within their respective groups/organizations. 



‘Announcements’ can be accessed via the left side navigation menu for any brokerage or MLS admin (1). The “trickle down” distribution concept works the same as it does with Packages, Clauses, Checklists, etc.: adding an announcement to the folder for an entire brokerage (2) will send that announcement to all of its members. Adding an announcement to the folder for one of that brokerages sub-offices (like an “03” or “04”, for example) will only display that announcement to the members of that sub-office. A brokerage admin can send an announcement to all members of the brokerage, whereas an admin at one of the brokerage’s sub-offices can only send announcements to members of that particular office. 

To add an announcement, open the folder corresponding to the group who should receive it (2) and click ‘Announcement’ (3). 

Admins can enter the announcement title, the body text ("Content") and choose how to align the message content (left, right or center). Announcements can be pre-dated so as to start at a later date, and an expiry date can be added as well for when the announcements will no longer display. Additionally, the admin may choose to have all recipients acknowledge the message (mark it as important and require “user confirmation”) instead of simply dismissing it.  



Once the announcement has been displayed for a user, it will not display again, however all users do see an ‘Announcements’ section on their Dashboard: now part of the ‘Recently Edited/Submitted’ tile. This is where they can view previous announcements. 


Additionally, users can receive multiple, concurrent announcements. For example, if an agent does not log into Docs+ for several weeks, and in that time two announcements are sent from his brokerage and one from the MLS, he’ll see all three announcements upon his next login. 

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