What is Linking?


The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS, AKMLS, NVAR and PWAR members only.


Docs+ Smart Forms that are created and stored in the same Transaction folder are automatically “linked” with one another. When these documents are linked, they share information from one to the other to save you the hassle of having to enter the same information repeatedly. This helps to fill out forms much faster.

When documents are linked, the following fields are shared from one form to the other:

  • People names & contact info
  • Property address
  • Purchase price
  • Deposit amount
  • Agreement date

Information is shared from one form to the next only upon the first ‘open’. For example:

  1. I enter the name ‘Billy Buyer’ as the buyer on a purchase agreement
  2. I add a ‘Buyer Representation Agreement’ (BRA) to the same Transaction file
  3. The first time I open the BRA, Billy’s name will be pulled from the purchase agreement (from step 1) and added to any applicable fields in the BRA.

After this point, any changes to the purchase agreement will not automatically be reflected in the BRA, since it’s already been opened. If I added ‘Brenda Buyer’ to the purchase agreement, this change will NOT reflect in the BRA.

If I add another document to the Transaction file (like a Disclosure Agreement for example) on first open it will search other associated documents for applicable names and will add both ‘Billy Buyer’ and ‘Brenda Buyer’ to any of its applicable fields.

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