UPDATE: Agent Workflow for Receiving Documents


Previously, each agent's Remine account was identified by their email address. Going forward, Remine accounts will be identified by the agents' MLS ID.

If you only have one MLS ID (and subsequently one Remine account) then you will not be significantly affected, however there is a slight change to your workflow when you are receiving documents from other agents. When you receive documents (eg. an offer), you will still receive the same email notifications like before. What's new: When you open the link to the documents, you'll be brought to a 'view-only' preview. In order to edit, sign or share these documents, you'll need to log into your account by clicking the green login button.




If you're already logged into your account (in another browser tab), the link from the email will bring you directly into your account to view the document - no additional steps needed.

The shared documents will "land" in a new folder in your account - the name of the folder will default to "Shared by [agent name, date + time shared]", but you can re-name this folder to whatever works best for you:


Bear in mind that the owner of these shared documents will still be the agent who created and shared them.

Aside from this 'login' step, your workflows are unchanged and will continue to operate as they did before. Guest agents (those who do not have their own Docs accounts) and clients' workflows will remain unchanged and they will not need to log in. 

The important thing to note is for those who have multiple accounts due to multiple MLS IDs. If    you are logged into one MLS ID account but want the documents to reside in another one of your accounts, you must log out, clear cookies and then open the link from the email to prompt you to log in to the correct account for the documents to reside in.

For example, if a user is sent a transaction related to 123 Main St, when they receive the email with the link to access the documents, they will be led to the preview screen (as explained above)After being prompted to log in, the account they log in with will determine which Docs account the 123 Main St transaction will go. 

Have more than one MLS ID associated with your email address? Click here for more information.

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