The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS members only.

Smart Alerts will identify potential errors in documents and bring them to your attention when you either send, begin a signing session or export a document.

Smart Alerts will notify you if:

  • Key fields are blank
  • Signature fields are blank
  • Key dates have passed

Yellow alerts will inform you of fields you'll want to double-check, whereas alerts in red will alert you to more critical errors.

Any applicable Smart Alerts will show automatically before entering a signing session within your account, or before sending a document to another participant.

While viewing the document in your account, any applicable Smart Alerts can be displayed any time by clicking the 'Show' button in the top tool-bar:


Clicking the 'Show' button will highlight any/all fields that likely require attention before sending or signing.

Smart Alerts can be turned off using a switch found on the Settings page.

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