Document, Submission, and Transaction Statuses


The features outlined here are currently available to AKMLS, FMLS, LVR, MAR, NVAR, PWAR, Realcomp and VAR members only.


Statuses are used throughout Docs+ to help you keep tabs on your transactions.  

Document statuses pertain to each document individually. Statuses are: 

  • Draft: This is the default status of any document (upload or Smart Form) added to a Transaction folder. Documents will remain in 'Draft' status until being sent and/or signed 
  • Sent: The document has been sent to a client or cooperating agent, but has not been viewed 
  • For Review: The recipient has signed or made edits to the document – updates are ready for your review 
  • Read: The document has been opened by the recipient 
  • In Progress: This status is used for any documents that are being actively updated by both sides of the transaction 
  • Complete: The document is ready for submission  

Submission statuses pertain to collections of documents (Transaction folders) being sent to broker/admin for review. Submission statuses are updated from the admin's end. The different statuses are 'Submitted', 'Admin Review', 'Needs Attention', 'Approved', 'Terminated' and 'Closed' and it's up to your admin and your team to decide how you want to use these statuses. Ultimately, they're just labels, and don't change how the app behaves with respect to these folders or documents.

Transaction statuses pertain to the entire deal and encompass the whole Transaction folder. Statuses are: 

  • Active: Any transactions that you're currently working on 
  • Inactive: Transactions that have fallen through and/or have "gone cold" 
  • Closed: Transactions that are complete 
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