Witness Signatures on Smart Forms


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

There are certain smart forms in the form library that have the option for the buyer or seller to have a witness sign when they themselves are signing the documents.

The witness field on documents will populate when the client is signing the document, during the client's signing activity. Once the client has reached signature that has the optional witness sections, they will see the option to click on the blue witness field for a witness to sign. 




Here, a witness can click on the blue box to then set up their own signature and fill in their information. Once the witness has setup their signature, they will be prompted to sign.




Upon completion of the client signing, the document will show both the client and the witnesses signatures on the document.




Note the witness signature box only appears when there is the potential for a witness to physically be present with the client who is signing.

For example:

1 - An agent sends a document to a client, when the client opens in their location, someone present with the client may witness.

2 - The agent is physically present with the client, and initiates a "sign now" session. Then, the agent will  witness the customer signing, and may enter their information in the witness section. 


Should you feel it necessary to sign as a witness after the documents have been signed by the client, you can convert the document to a PDF and use the PDF markup tools to add a signature box for yourself to sign in that location.

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