"The Cooperating Party signed, why don't I see their signatures?"


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

If you've been informed by the cooperating party that they've signed (or updated) a doc you've shared with them, but you're unable to see their signatures/updates, the likely cause is that the cooperating side has not yet shared the document back with you.         


Generally, if you share documents with your client for signing, you'll be notified as soon as they've signed. Opening the document in your Docs+ account will reflect those signatures right away.


Things work differently when you share a document with the "other side" (aka the cooperating agent) - because Docs+ allows agents to actually negotiate within the document itself, it's up to each agent to decide when to share the updated document with the "other side".
In a nutshell, once the cooperating side has signed the document (or made any other updates/changes), all the agent needs to do is click 'Send' and share the updated document back to you.





They can then select you as the recipient of the signed documents, send, and then you will then see the signed documents in your transaction folder. If the cooperating agent does not send the document back to you after getting it signed, you will not see the signatures/updates in your account. Those updates are kept private to the cooperating side until they've shared the updates with you.

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