E-Sign Session


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.


Agents can access a list of all sent signing sessions on a particular transaction within their transaction folder. This section can be easily navigated to by clicking into a transaction and clicking the 'E-sign' tab at the top of the page next to 'Documents' and 'Checklists'. 


When all parties have completed signing in the signing session, the agent will receive an email letting them know as such. This email will contain PDFs of the signed documents from all parties.

Agents can double click on the subject of any e-sign to check the current activity of the e-sign and what has happened so far.

Emails can only include documents up to a certain size, so for larger documents, agents will still need to log in to download them via the download button in the e-sign section.



How to Cancel A Signing Session: 
A signing session can be canceled by clicking the 'cancel' button from within the e-sign tab. All parties will receive an email notification letting them know the session was canceled. It will also show in their e-sign history as a canceled session.  



Resend Alert to Clients:

If signers are needing to be reminded of their current signing session, a reminder email can be sent to them directly from the signing session. To do so, open the signing session the reminder needs to be sent from and click the 'Resend' bell in the upper right corner. This will send an email to the recipients letting them know they still have an e-sign in progress. 


How to Print Documents:

You can print documents directly from your e-sign history. Double click on the subject of any e-sign email and you'll see the screen below pop-up. Clicking on the printer icon will give you the option to print the documents.


Automated Statuses of Sent Documents:
Signing statuses will automatically update based on the actions the signers take:
In Progress - A signing session has been sent but not completed
Canceled - A signing session was canceled by agent
Complete - All parties have signed or denied the signing session 

It is important to note that this feature will only affect new transactions and signing sessions moving forward and will not be retroactive.

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