Sending Documents to Unrepresented Parties


The features outlined here are currently available to AKMLS, FMLS, LVR, MAR, NVAR, PWAR, Realcomp and VAR members only.



Docs+ is currently set up so that agents can share documents with their clients or cooperating agents. When transacting with an unrepresented party, likely a FSBO property or tenant leasing situation, follow the steps below to share documents directly with with the opposite side.

For instructions on how to send documents for signature when you are both agent and landlord/seller, click here.

  1. Create a new transaction:
    • Select which side of transaction you’re representing
    • Add in buyer (tenant) and/or seller (landlord) information
    • 2020-01-17_11-31-53.pngmceclip0.png
  2. Select form(s) to add into transaction and proceed with entering information
  3. Once you have signed the form(s) yourself, you will send to the party you are representing for signature
  4. After the party you are representing has signed the form(s), you'll want to convert these to PDF
    • If you are representing a Landlord and require the unrepresented tenant to sign first, convert to PDF after you have signed the form(s) and then proceed with the steps, sending to your Landlord client after the tenant has signed                                                                                     2020-04-27_12-13-25.png
  5. Click 'Continue' on the pop up to complete the conversion                                                                     mceclip2.png
  6. Go back to the 'People' view in the newly created PDF and now select 'Both' at the topmceclip3.png
  7. Add the other parties signature tags where needed and then send for signing
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