Sending Documents to Unrepresented Parties


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

Docs+ is set up so that agents can share documents with their clients or cooperating agents. When transacting with an unrepresented party, likely a FSBO property or tenant leasing situation, follow the steps below to share documents directly with with the opposite side.

For instructions on how to send documents for signature when you are both agent and landlord/seller, click here.

  1. Create a new transaction:
    • Select the transaction type and which side of transaction you’re representing
    • Add in buyer (tenant) and/or seller (landlord) information and click 'continue'Screen_Shot_2022-10-14_at_8.10.31_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-10-14_at_8.26.42_AM.png
  2. Select form(s) to add into transaction. Once forms have been added to your transaction, open a document and click on the 'People' panel at the top of the page. Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_9.54.12_AM.png
  3. In the first line you will see the party representation that was selected when the transaction was created. The second line is where you can select which party you are supporting. For instance, if you are the representing the sellers, but the buyers do not have representation, you will select that you are supporting the buyers in the second line. Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_9.58.58_AM.png
  4. This selection will keep all signature/initial tags as intended throughout the documents and all signature fields which would normally be required of the other agent will remain blank.image3.png
  5. Once documents are ready to be sent for signature, you'll be able to select either your represented party, or the party you are supporting on the send screen. Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_10.00.51_AM.png
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