Sending Docs for Signature When You Are Both the Landlord/Seller and Agent


(For transactions where the agent is both the Seller or Landlord, as well as the listing agent)

The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

  1. Create a new transaction:
    • Select 'new transaction'. From there, select the 'transaction type' and which side of the transaction you are representing yourself as and then click 'next step'
      • If you are the listing agent and landlord/seller, also representing the tenant/buyer, select 'Both' under representation
    • Name the transaction, add in the client information and click 'continue'


2. Select form(s) to add into transaction and proceed with entering information

3. If the other party does not have representation, open the 'people panel' on any of the documents and select that you are providing support the opposite side. This will now allow you to send documents directly to the unrepresented party for their signature(s)


4. Once you have filled in all necessary fields on each form(s) in the transaction, sign the form(s) as the yourself, the agent

5. After you've signed as the agent, sign the form(s) as yourself, the landlord/seller

6. Once you have completed your signatures, click 'send', select the document(s) you wish to send to the unrepresented parties

7. On the send screen, you will see they are now an option to send documents to for signature(s)

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