Automatic Signature 'Wiping' in Smart Forms


The features outlined here are currently available to MLS' that are partnered with our Docs+ platform.

Remine Docs+ allows agents to collaborate on a transaction in the same Smart Form document. When a Smart Form is filled and signed by one side of a transaction (eg. the 'buy side'), the cooperating agent (the 'sell side') can make changes to it as they see fit. Once the 'sell side' changes something, the 'buy side's signatures/initials are removed from the page that's been changed. In order to agree to the change, the 'buy side' would need to sign the updated page again.

For example:

  • A buyer's agent creates an offer by filling in a Purchase & Sale Agreement. The buyer and the buyer's agent add their signatures and initials.
  • A buyer's agent sends the offer to the listing agent.
  • The listing agent reviews the offer with the seller, and counters the offer by changing the purchase price.
  • As soon as the purchase price is changed, any signatures and initials on that page from the buyer/buying agent are removed. The reason for this is simple: the purchase price has been changed, and the 'buy side' hasn't agreed to the new purchase price.
  • Once the listing agent and seller add their signatures and initials to the document, the listing agent sends it back to the buying agent.
  • The buying agent and the buyer can either agree to the new purchase price by signing that page again, OR they can counter back by changing the purchase price once again.
  • If the new purchase price is changed again, then the listing agent/seller's signatures and initials are removed. Again, this is because the purchase price was changed by the 'buy side' - the 'sell side' has not agreed to the new amount.

Every time a change is made to signed page on a Smart Form, any existing signatures/initials are removed. When the 'buy side' and the 'sell side' have reached an agreement, the Smart Form will have all necessary signatures and initials from both sides.

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