Using Mark-Up in Smart Forms


The features outlined here are currently available to AKMLS, FMLS, LVR, MAR, NVAR, PWAR, Realcomp and VAR members only.


In Remine Docs, you have the option to add additional text fields, signatures & initials and other edits to any one of our Smart Forms. Just click the 'Convert to PDF' button to start using Mark-Up on a Smart Form! 



This will open up the mark-up toolbar across the top of the page. Select a mark-up tool (ie. 'Draw' -> 'Straight line') and then confirm that you want to convert the doc into a PDF.

There is one catch: it won't be a Smart Form any more. Using Mark-Up on a Smart Form will automatically turn it into a PDF. 

What's the difference between a Smart Form and a PDF? 

Smart Forms have a number of built-in intelligent features: 

  • They'll automatically link certain fields with other documents in the Client File. 
  • They'll provide alerts & notifications of missing or incomplete fields prior to sending or exporting. 
  • They have built-in electronic signature fields so that signatures and initials are already marked for all parties involved. 

PDFs have none of the above.  

I've already used Mark-Up on a Smart Form. Can I bring the 'smart' features back? 

Don't worry: enabling Mark-Up (and thus turning a Smart Form into a PDF) is not irreversible. While the Smart Form features mentioned above will be disabled on a PDF, you can revert back to a previous Smart Form version of that document. Keep in mind, however, that the changes you made using Mark-Up will be lost. 

To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. Open/View the document 
  2. Click 'History' 
  3. In the right margin, click on the last version before Mark-Up was used - this will be labeled 'smart form - version'
  4. Click 'Revert' 

Learn more about PDF Mark-Up here.

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