Using Mark-Up in Smart Forms


The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS, AKMLS, NVAR and PWAR members only.


In Remine Docs, you have the option to add additional text fields, signatures & initials and other edits to any one of our Smart Forms. Just click the 'Convert to PDF' button to start using Mark-Up on a Smart Form! 


There is one catch: it won't be a Smart Form any more. Using Mark-Up on a Smart Form will automatically turn it into a PDF. 

What's the difference between a Smart Form and a PDF? 

Smart Forms have a number of built-in intelligent features: 

  • They'll automatically link certain fields with other documents in the Client File. 
  • They'll provide alerts & notifications of missing or incomplete fields prior to sending or exporting. 
  • They have built-in electronic signature fields so that signatures and initials are already marked for all parties involved. 

PDFs have none of the above.  

I've already used Mark-Up on a Smart Form. Can I bring the 'smart' features back? 

Don't worry: enabling Mark-Up (and thus turning a Smart Form into a PDF) is not irreversible. While the Smart Form features mentioned above will be disabled on a PDF, you can revert back to a previous Smart Form version of that document. Keep in mind, however, that the changes you made using Mark-Up will be lost. 

To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. Open/View the document 
  2. Click 'History' 
  3. In the right margin, click on the last version before Mark-Up was used - this will be labeled 'smart form - version'
  4. Click 'Revert' 

Learn more about PDF Mark-Up here.

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